Hi, I am Namrata.

I design experiences with the aim of solving problems.

UX Designer and Researcher with a background in Architecture Design, I have 10 years of experience studying human-centric products. With my empathetic and curious nature along with the design-thinking skills that I have acquired so far, I am now seeking an opportunity to implement what I know and to learn more about this fascinating field of User Experience Design.

Case Studies

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Balenciaga, Website Redesign 

This project focuses on UX Research to determine user problems and solve them in an efficient manner by working on the UI elements. 

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Clothing, Feedback form Design 

This project focuses on Brand Design, UX Writing, User Journey and UI Design with the aim of creating a delightful design for the users.

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Ocean, Feedback form Design 

Ocean is an an attempt to create impactful design that provokes users to empathise with the cause of the clients’ NGO. It focuses on creating storyboard, understanding the user flow and making digital illustrations to create environmental awareness.

Feedback form design banner

EAT, Website Redesign

EAT magazine gets a visual redesign. The aim was to understand what the current visual design needs to be altered and then upgrade it accordingly.

Feedback form design banner