Website Redesign for EAT

Summary: This project focuses on the visual design of a food magazine’s website. 

Role: UI Designer

Duration: 4 weeks

Goals: To upgrade the visual design of the existing website with the aim of making the user experience better.

Understanding the brand:

A study of the current brand guidelines was done to understand and audit the current website and its brand image. A lot of inspiration is taken from the print medium of the magazine. 


Current Website Audit:

The current website is observed to be cluttered with a lot of information on every page that is not segregated, which makes it difficult for the user to scan and skim and navigate through the website. In terms of aesthetics, the current website lacks the element of cheerfulness that is associated with food.

Design Solution:


A few colors are added to the redesigned website as opposed to the original one to make the website look interesting and visually appealing. 

I chose to distinguish based on background colors which were also inspired by food items. With the fonts and the shapes used I have tried to bring in an element of amusement and pleasure.  

Structure and Navigation:

The home page with lot of content has different sections presented in dissimilar ways to break the monotony.

Horizontal scrolling is added wherever necessary in order to prevent scrolling and longer page. 

Apt space and containers for advertisement is provided as necessary. 

Different containers are used to group similar content to increase the readability of the website. 


The magazine is something that is known for it’s print form hence the shapes I have used for buttons and labels are with rounded right bottom corner, shape derived from page flipping icon.