Conversational Design; Feedback form

Summary: This project focuses on designing a feedback experience (mobile version) for the users of a hypothetical clothing brand. The client is a clothing company who needs a new feedback experience for their customers so they can learn how to improve. 

Role: UX Writer, UX Designer, UI Designer.

Duration: 6 weeks

Goals: To design a form that is accessible, conversational, and correctly represents the brand image while leaving the users feeling like they had a good interaction with the company.


Design Process:


The clothing company is called “Clothing” and is found online at

“Clothing” brand voice and tone

      • Informal but not sloppy
      • Cheerful but not fake
      • Direct but not disrespectful
      • Funny but not silly


Clothing is a fashion brand for women aged 16 to 40yrs. It is fun. comfortable, accessible, and inclusive. 


Colors reflect the bubbly, cheerful brand that Clothing represents.



This project taught me about UX writing and how that is an integral part of user experience. I also understood how to align the UX/ UI elements with brand tone and voice.