UX: Tranquil- Meditation App

Aim of the project:

  • RESEARCH (Survey + User Persona)


Tranquil is a mobile application that offers meditations and affirmations based on the mood that you are in. You just have to input your current emotions and let the app help you feel good.

This app is for everyone who wants to pause for a while from their busy lives and just indulge in self care through meditations, affirmations and much more. Tranquil allows you to access numerous audio files, soothing videos, affirmative quotes, and music, without being overwhelming.


The app is basically very simple to go through, but one can find more interactive features from the various sections as needed. The colors used define tranquility and the single font usage throughout the app makes the reading experience smooth.



At Tranquil one can update the physical changes happening in the body which will then help analyze how it affects emotional health.

It even lets you journal your daily thoughts and feelings which makes one feel less chaotic. Based on keywords mentioned you can find quotes and articles that might be of assistance.

This app also lets you use your touch screen devices to indulge in some art therapy.

Most important premium feature in here is to get you connected with our panel of therapists that can guide you one on one.