Website Redesign for Balenciaga

Project Summary: 

This project focuses on the redesign of current website of Balenciaga, which is a high-end  luxury fashion brand. A lot of emphasis is on UX Research which then helps come with design solutions. 

Project Goals: 

My aim with  this self chosen project was to be able to explore the various UX Research methods that I had not had a chance to earlier. 

Role:  UX Researcher and Designer (academic project)

Duration:  14 weeks.

Problem Statement:  

The current trend of shopping online is even more pertinent post-pandemic, making the website a very important asset, even for a luxury fashion brand. Infact to be able to shop and browse from one’s house is not only of great comfort for clients but also a good opportunity for brands to reach millions.

Design Goals: 

The end goal is to increase the traffic and drive more sales by making the website approachable and appealing, by adding elements that aid the navigation and delightful experience for the users.

Design Process:

Current Website Audit: 

  1. Survey 

A survey was conducted to understand the approachability of the brand and its website among users of various age groups. It was found that 80% of the participants did not find the website up to the expectations of a luxury brand, that it was monotonous and boxy.

Usability Testing

On conducting the Usability Test it was observed that even though the navigation is in place, the fact that expectations in terms of aesthetics not being met frustrated the users.

Comparative Analysis: 

Contemporary brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior,Prada, Chanel have more brand awareness amongst the users. So they were selected for the comparative analysis. 

It is observed that their websites are chic, modern, high tech, bold, vibrant and luxe.

    User Group:

    People extremely passionate about fashion

    Brand conscious

    Age Group: 16 to 55

    High Income Group

    Moodboard: Moodboard is created capturing the essence of Balenciaga based on their multiple clothing lines.

    Wireframe and Design Elements: